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Roamler says ¡Bienvenido!

From: 20-03-2014
Till: 06-04-2014

For this task we would like you to:
- take 1 photo
- answer 2 questions

The Roamler adventure is moving very quickly. This month Roamler officially launches in Colombia!

We are curious about what positive aspects come to mind when you think of Colombia. Perhaps you have visited the country or you have heard stories about it. Do you think of coffee, great beaches or maybe the historic city of Cartajena de Indias? 

The ‘Chiva’ buses are another trademark of Colombia. These old and open buses are painted in all different colours. To celebrate this ‘colourfulness’, we ask you to find something in your home with as many colours as possible. Take a photo of this object and try to be creative!

We’d also like to know what type of object you have photographed. What is it and where does it come from? Is there a specific reason for why it’s so colourful?