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Momentos de familia

From: 10-04-2014
Till: 23-04-2014

For this task we would like you to: 
- take 1 creative picture 
- answer 2 questions 

Roamler is growing at a startling rate! Now, it's time to welcome Roamler Mexico! 

Mexico is the country of tequila, serenatas, tacos and turquoise waters. Maybe you’re also familiar with the characteristic moustache of the Mexican Mariachi? Another (perhaps less known) fact is that Mexico has very strong family ties. The divorce rate in Mexico is among the lowest in the world.

We would like to know how close you are to your family. You can demonstrate this with a family photo, but it can also be a photo of a family object or occasion you often spend together. You might also want to illustrate a good experience you have had with your family. 

Besides that, we’re also asking if you know someone who lives in Mexico, so you can invite them to become a Mexican Roamler. A link to the Mexican registration form will be shown in this task.