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Where is the best picnic spot?

From: 23-07-2013
Till: 06-08-2013

For this task we would like you to: 
- take 1 photo 
- answer 1 question 

A while ago UK Roamlers shared their ultimate picnic tip in a task and told us what things you absolutely cannot forget when going on a picnic.

Now we would like your tips for the best place to go to for a picnic. Take a photo of this place. If you are actually having a picnic at this location while you are performing the task, include your picnic set up in the picture! 

Using your tips, we can mark all of the beautiful picnic places on a map. Every location can be submitted by a 1 Roamler. A picnic area that has already been submitted by one Roamler (indicated by a red circle on the map), cannot be submitted again by another. Do you know multiple beautiful picnic spots? Great, because you can submit this task 3 times and share 3 different picnic areas.  

Note: the area you share has to be beautiful and suited for a picnic, otherwise your task will not be accepted.