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Street Decoration

From: 11-12-2012
Till: 24-12-2012

For this task we would like you to:
- take 1 photo 
- answer 2 questions

Here in Amsterdam they already decorated the streets with a lot of Christmas lights. It looks really nice and we are all getting in the Christmas mood! Most of the lights are put up by municipal government or the retailers association. We are curious about the Christmas lights that are put up in the streets of the UK. 

For this task you are going to take a photo of some Christmas decoration in your neighborhood. This can be a shopping street, a decorated Christmas tree with lights somewhere in the city or any other form of Christmas decoration in a public place outside. Please choose the most beautiful decorations and take a photo. For this task it is important that when you take a photo of something that includes Christmas lights the lights should be on. Decorated houses or decorations inside a building do not count, only decorated streets and squares will be accepted!